Feb 25, Voting has ended, thank you for participating!
The results will be published on March 10 (evening), 2022.

Feb 7th: Time is up! Please check back for updates!

The international poster contest:

My Norden Poster 2022

Do you love travel posters? Do you love the Nordic countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland? And do you harbour an untamed creativity? If your answer is yes, please pay close attention!

Come to Finland, Come to Sweden, and the association Affischjägarna (the Poster Hunters) are in cooperation with Nordiska museet in Stockholm arranging an international travel poster contest where we seek a contemporary interpretation of the classic travel poster for the Nordic countries.

My Norden Poster 2022 is open to graphic designers, artists and illustrators from all over the world. First prize is 30 000 SEK. Five of the chosen finalists will also be exhibited in the vintage travel poster exhibition Come to Norden, which opens at Nordiska museet in Stockholm in March, 2022.

Deadline: February 6, 2022 //TIME IS UP//

First prize: 30 000 SEK (approx. 3 000 euros) and an interrail pass

The winning poster will also be taken into Come to Finlands and Come to Sweden's poster selection. At least five of the chosen finalists will also be exhibited at the exhibition Come to Norden.

The exhibition is all about tourism history and classic Nordic travel posters. But in this contest we're looking for contemporary travel posters that emphasize sustainable travel to and within the Nordics.

But why are we interested in travel posters?

Because that’s how it all started. Historically, creative posters tempted travellers from both near and far to visit the Nordic countries. Both Nordic and international artist created astonishingly beautiful posters, and these art pieces continues to seduce us to this day.

Now we want to do it again – and that's where YOU come in! What is it that draws visitors to the Nordics countries? What is your image of the Nordics?

Are you thinking of mountains and fjords? Or is it the dynamic cities that are at the forefront of digital development that comes to your mind?

Or maybe you are thinking of something completely different? Of cold and dark winter nights? Of people who have social distancing in their DNA?

Anyway: Now you are given the chance to capture the Nordics. On a modern travel poster.

This is the seventh time that Come to Finland or Come to Sweden are arranging a poster contest. The earlier themes have been Sweden and different regions in Finland. Have a look at previous winners here (Finland) and here (Sweden).

Read the contest rules before you start your creative process!




Poster: © Bengt Lundström, published in the 1950s.