Advice from the jury

The jury are looking for and prioritizes visual expressions for:

  • Sustainable and ethical travel
  • Openness and affinity
  • Adventures and experiences in the Nordic countries

The jury judges the posters based on:

  • Functionality as a travel poster
  • Originality
  • Artistic execution

Remember to read the rules and the technical instructions very carefully.

Some more artistic tips

  • Your poster should have a clear and simple message. Remember the Finnish travel poster master Erik Bruun's important advice: A poster should be distinct and understandable also when printed on a small matchbox.
  • Love you letters! Use a thought-out typography.
  • Remember: The image is the main thing. If you want to include a slogan it should be short and to the point.
  • Be authentic. If you include animals or objects: make sure that they are animals and objects you would actually encounter in the Nordics in real life.
  • Summer is a given favourite in the Nordics. But we also love posters that call for adventure when the countries are awakening in the spring, or when the colours come alive in the fall. Or maybe it’s a winter poster with the Northern lights that we need?
  • Try to find new and fresh visual expressions for the Nordic countries. You do not have to imitate classic vintage poster art to be successful in this contest.
  • Most poster artists today only use drawing software on their computer. But we also love when artists who work by hand and combine it with digital technique.
  • Unfortunately we don't accept photo posters or photomontages.

In conclusion… Our most important tip is really this: Surprise us – and remember to focus on one main theme and one message.



© Poster: Norvège, unknown artist (signed Schenk), published 1937.