Contest rules


All entries must be delivered by file transfer through this form. The deadline is February 6, 2022, at 11:59 pm Swedish time. //PLEASE NOTE it is now too late to submit an entry.//

Before going creative: Please read the technical specifications for your files!

Our list of advice might also be helpful.

Instructions & Rules

  • The poster should attract visitors to travel in or to the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland).
  • All entries with slogans (text) for individual countries only will be disqualified
  • Only one entry per contestant.
  • Format: 506x706 mm. Resolution: 300 dpi. Pdf or tiff, a print ready file without crop marks.

  • Photographs or photo collages are not approved.
  • Make sure to name your two files (the original version and the low res version) according to the title of your poster. For example: if your poster has the title “I Love Norden”, name the files as I-Love-Norden-HIGHres and I-Love-Norden-LOWres.
  • The poster has to be unsigned, however with a possibility to be signed later. The names of the contestants will not be disclosed to the jury.
  • The poster should not contain offensive messages of any sort. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify unethical entries.
  • Avoid commercial trademarks and other commercial ”hidden advertising”.
  • All works must be created solely for this contest. All forms of plagiarism are prohibited, and all participants take full legal responsibility that their work is not infringing on anyone else's copyright. In other words, participating means that the participant confirms that the work does not infringe on third party copyright. The contestant is fully responsible for owning the copyright of his / her entry. By participating he / she therefore confirms that the artwork does not in any way infringe the copyright of anyone, and that the contestant thereby takes legal responsibility for the artwork.
  • Your poster should have a short text. The main alternatives are:
    • Come to Norden
    • Norden - the Nordics
    • or only Norden
    • or only the Nordics
  • All participants undertake to not show or share their work until the finalists have been published. A finalist then commits to not reveal that his or her work is in the final before the general voting is over and a winner is chosen.
  • The results are published on, and here on The winner, second place and those who receive honourable mentions are personally informed in advance.
  • By sending in an entry, you agree to the following contest conditions:

Contest conditions

  • The winner and the other top posters will be revealed at Nordiska museet in Stockholm at the opening of the exhibition Come to Norden, March 11, 2022.
  • The organizers have the right to exhibit any of the finalist posters at the traveling exhibition Come to Norden. No separate compensation is paid for this right.
  • Come to Sweden/Finland makes an agreement with all finalist regarding the right of use. If and when products are made based on the artworks, Come to Sweden/Finland pays royalty to the artists on a yearly basis. The agreement gives Come to Sweden/Finland the exclusive right to produce products (such as postcards, posters, calendars etc.) based on the artworks. The agreement also contains the licensing rights for these works.
  • Contestants can obtain a copy of the standard agreement in advance by contacting poster2022 (at)
  • By participating in the poster contest My Norden Poster, the participant agrees that if his or hers artwork is chosen to be one of the finalists, the artwork can be used in accordance with the above-mentioned standard contract.
  • If your artwork is chosen to the final, Come to Sweden / Finland reserves the right to modify the image in the production if necessary, for example when a product has other proportions than the original work or to make the same poster in different language versions. Come to Sweden / Finland also has the right to edit any slogan in the poster or change the font.
  • If your poster is selected as one of the finalists, the participant must also submit the same poster in two other versions: 1) with layers with the fonts as outlined in a zip file and 2) as print-ready in the format 506 x 706 mm (flattened layers with the fonts as outlined).
  • Persons who may be considered close to one or more members of the jury are prevented from participating.
  • Come to Sweden / Finland also has the right to use the selected works (the finalists) in their digital marketing. The aim is for the artist's name to be stated, whenever possible.

More information in English, Finnish or Swedish: poster2022(at)

© Poster: Im Hohen Norden, artist: Olle Skrede, published (most likely) in the 1940s. Get your own reprint here!