How the winners are selected

The short version:

Step 1: The artist create

Step 2: A jury will choose the finalists

Step 3: The popular vote will decide the winner (among the finalists).

The long version:

The jury will meet in February 2022 to choose five-ten finalists amongst all entries. The decision cannot be appealed.

After the finalists are published on Feb 11, 2022, the general public gets to vote for their favourite artwork at You can also vote at Nordiska museet in Stockholm, where the finalists will be on display. There's only one vote per person. The organizers have the right to invalidate the votes if abuse is revealed.

The artwork receiving the most votes will be appointed as winner. The entry with the second highest number of votes is awarded the second place. Three honourable mentions will follow in the order of decreasing number of votes.

The jury is committed to respecting the result of the public vote. If any distinct malpractice in voting is noticed, the organizer is entitled to invalidate the presumed incorrect votes.The result of the contest and the vote is definitive and cannot be appealed.

The jury

The jury consists of visual professionals and lovers of Nordics representing all Nordic countries.

Magnus Londen, poster hunter at Come to Finland & Come to Sweden

Vanessa Gandy, Head of Museum Experience at Nordiska museet

Sabina Westerholm, Director at Forstjóri vid Norræna húsið / The Nordic House, Reykjavík

Linda Bondestam, illustrator

Andreas Kittel, graphic designer