The traveling exhibition Come to Norden is produced by the poster companies Come to Finland and Come to Sweden together with the Finnish association Affischjägarna.

For bookings and more information, read the technical specifications below and contact the producer Magnus Londen: magnus.londen (at)

Technical specifications

The exhibition consists of original vintage poster prints from the end of the 19th century to the 1960s. The exhibition, which tells the history of Nordic tourism via travel posters and insightful information boards, can be adapted according to space.

Number of posters: The exhibition consists of approx. 100 framed posters, but can be adapted according to the venue.

Average size per framed poster: 700 x 1070 mm. Exhibition also includes a group of posters in varying sizes where the smallest is approx. 490 mm x 720 mm and the largest approx. 800 mm x 1250 mm.

Text boards, number: minimum 14, maximum 35. Sizes: 725 x 1510/1580 mm and 580 x 1350 mm.

Material: Finnish birch veneer (thickness: 6 mm). At the Nordic Museum, the text signs are printed on white boards.

Framing material: the posters included in the exhibition's standard content are framed in white Finnish pine frames with museum glass. To the extent that the exhibition includes borrowed posters from private collections, other types of framing may also occur.

Language of the exhibition: Swedish, English and Finnish. Other languages ​​available by agreement.

Total wall area required: Minimum requirement for wall area approx. 90 meters (adaptable).

Props: the producers are happy to collaborate with the museum and highlight contemporary props from the museum's collections in the exhibition.

Transport boxes: Delivered in four to five large and robust transport boxes.

Other: the exhibition includes an audio guide with up to 26 tracks in three languages ​​(English, Swedish, Finnish).

We have also prepared the basis for an educational material for children and school students.

Time for construction of the exhibition: 7–14 days.

Price: Contact the producer Magnus Londen for a quote magnus.londen (at)

The exhibitor takes care of the following:

• assembly of the exhibition under the supervision of the producer

• lighting of the exhibition

• storage space for transport boxes and various protective materials during the exhibition period

• insurance of the exhibition during the time it is in the exhibitor's premises. Insurable value: 500-3000 euros / poster. The total insured value is approximately €140,000.

• marketing of the exhibition

• vernissage arrangements (invitations, refreshments and other practical arrangements, etc.)

• constant monitoring of the exhibition

• collection of mentions in media

• dismantling and packing of the exhibition according to instructions

• cost of transporting the exhibition from the previous or to the next recipient, or both, depending on the situation, as well as insurance during the transport.

• space and provision of a shop where Come to Finland's and/or Come to Sweden's products (posters, postcards, books, etc.) are sold. Sales commission is paid to the museum.

The producers (Come to Finland/Sweden) take care of:

• adaptation to the country in which the exhibition is shown (posters, texts, translations, audio, etc.)

• person on site for supervision during assembly of the exhibition

• instructions for dismantling the exhibit

• press texts and images

• assistance (images and other material) for marketing

• The parties can separately agree to create a language version (eg English, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic etc) of the book/exhibition catalog ”Come to Norden” (320 pages, almost 200 posters).

Contact the producer Magnus Londen, magnus.londen (at) for more information.

Photo: © Peter Segemark, Nordic Museum