Inspiration and background

The Nordic region is a closely intertwined region in northern Europe, consisting of five independent states and three autonomous territories.

The Nordic countries are largely united by language and history, and traditionally people have moved and traveled across the region.

Although the pandemic has slowed down travel a little, this decline cannot prevent the fact: the Nordic region is a unique and integrated region in the world. It is even officially decided by the Nordic prime ministers that the Nordic region will be the world's most integrated and sustainable region in the world by 2030.

There is even a Nordic tourism co-operation plan where the Nordic focus points have been identified, which can serve as inspiration for your travel poster. The focus points are: Competitive Nordics - Innovative and smart Nordics - Sustainable Nordics - Attractive Nordics.

The Nordic region has a very diverse nature. From Iceland's volcanoes and hot springs to Denmark's beech forests. From Norway's dramatic Atlantic coast to Finland's countless lakes. From Sweden's mountain world to the Swedish and Finnish archipelago in the Baltic Sea.

Thanks to the unique Nordic right of public access (freedom to roam), nature is also accessible to anyone. But it is freedom under responsibility. We must all work together in order for the Nordic region to meet the challenges of future travel. In Iceland, for example, the tourism pledge has been launched, which can also provide inspiration for your poster:

1. I pledge to be a responsible tourist

2. When I explore new places, I will leave them as I found them

3. I will take photos to die for, without dying for them

4. I will follow the road into the unknown, but never venture off the road

5. And I will only park where I am supposed to

6. When I sleep out under the stars, I'll stay within a campsite

7. And when nature calls, I won't answer the call on nature

As inspiration, you can also have a look at modern travel posters from both Sweden and Finland.